About me

My name is Sandra van den Berg.

I am an enthusiastic and passionate lifestyle coach. I like to encourage others to set and focus on their goals and motivate them to actually achieve them. It makes me happy when I manage to change other people’s behavior and see them living in a more conscious and healthier way.

I live for results!

As a person I work with passion, I am creative and solution-oriented: I want to achieve results. With my positivity and my talent for being open and honest, I am sure we will go for good results. Together we can clarify your goals and try to achieve them.

As a coach I make you aware of your current thinking and acting and I give insights in how you can change this. I motivate and encourage you to convert existing undesirable behavior into desirable behavior. Step by step, appropriately fitting to your personal situation.

My education and accreditation

After years of working in the food industry (in innovation) I decided to combine my love for health and nutrition with my other passion: coaching. That is why I did Leefstijlcoach Academy (Post HBO register education) and started my company “Stap voor Stap leefstijlcoaching” (Step by Step lifestyle coaching). In the meantime I am also a “Stop Smoking” coach and accredited for the CooL program (for more information see here). Both programs are fully reimbursed by your health insurance.

My method

I coach individual private clients, I regularly start new group meetings for the CooL program in Sint-Michielsgestel and I give workshops / introduction and inspiration sessions for companies focused around Positive Health, supplemented with individual coaching sessions for employees.

I coach clients both physically and remotely via Teams or Zoom, or a mix of these, depending on the client’s wishes.

Choose for quality.

I have the necessary registrations to guarantee quality. For example, I am registered in the official register of quality coaches [Kabiz], I am a member of the Professional Association of Lifestyle Coaches Netherlands [BLCN] and affiliated with Klachtenportaal Zorg [Klachtenportaal Zorg]

What appeals to me most in my working method as a Lifestyle Coach is that I not only look at nutrition and exercise, but also at sleep, stress and relaxation. Furthermore, I not only focus on what you want to change, but also how you do it and why. By taking a broader view, I notice that people are more motivated and more successful in achieving their goals.

Also coaching in English! I also coach in English.

Having worked for an American company, where I spoke English on a day to day basis for over 30 years, my English is at a very high level. Therefore, I have decided I will also offer coaching in the English language. This makes it possible for expats / foreigners to receive lifestyle coaching guidance in the Netherlands.


If you are interested and would like to know how we would approach your situation, please feel free to contact me. You can do this via email, via the contact button below or just call me.

Contact me

Sandra van den Berg

My name is Sandra van den Berg and I am an accredited health coach. I have set up Step by Step lifestyle coaching to help people.

I motivate people to adopt a permanently healthier lifestyle, in the field of exercise, smoking, alcohol, nutrition and / or relaxation.

I can help you to change your behavior step by step, in line with your own goal, so that you feel fitter, more energetic and can age healthier.

I coach individual clients, but also in groups, both physically and remotely via Teams or Zoom, depending on your wishes and your way of learning.

The CooLprogramme is kept small in my practice: the group size is about 7 to 8 persons. With this group size I can achieve the maximum of attention to the individual.

I also coach in English: please use the English button at the top to see the website in English!