What is CooL?

CooL means Coaching on Lifestyle.

It is a program offered by a lifestyle coach for 24 months. It consists of a combination of group meetings and individual coach sessions. It has been scientifically researched and the first indications are that it is effective. \[source]

So it works! That is why it is reimbursed by the health insurances in the Netherlands.

What does a lifestyle coach do?

Positive lifestyle is everything you do and don’t do to stay healthy. A lifestyle coach can help you make better choices and take action. The coach will help you to choose a specific goal and to take concrete steps towards that goal.

The questions that will be addressed:

For an impression of a session with the lifestyle coach, you can watch this film from the Dutch Healthcare Authority.

When can I participate?

You can sign up for the lifestyle program if you:

Do you want to know what your BMI is? Use this calculator from Het Voedingscentrum.

You can participate in the lifestyle program free of charge: it is fully reimbursed from the basic health insurance. Participation is free of charge, but certainly not without obligation! You are expected to be present at all sessions and to actively work on your self-formulated improvement steps between sessions. You only have a chance of success if you are really motivated.

What do you learn in the CooL lifestyle program?

The program has a total duration of 24 months and consists of a combination of group sessions and individual interviews. By tinkering with your habits for two years, you can really change behavior and make permanent changes so that you don’t fall back into old habits.

Aspects to be addressed:

The start of the next English CooL program is scheduled for September/October 2024.

If you are interested and are / are not eligible for the CooL program, please contact me. I may have a solution for both situations!

If you have to wait (too) long and you still want to start with me in a small group, sign up so you will be on the waiting list and be sure of a place in the next round! In the meantime I can offer you a short personal coaching program to bridge the gap. (See also Offer and advice)


Sandra van den Berg

My name is Sandra van den Berg and I am an accredited health coach. I have set up Step by Step lifestyle coaching to help people.

I motivate people to adopt a permanently healthier lifestyle, in the field of exercise, smoking, alcohol, nutrition and / or relaxation.

I can help you to change your behavior step by step, in line with your own goal, so that you feel fitter, more energetic and can age healthier.

I coach individual clients, but also in groups, both physically and remotely via Teams or Zoom, depending on your wishes and your way of learning.

The CooLprogramme is kept small in my practice: the group size is about 7 to 8 persons. With this group size I can achieve the maximum of attention to the individual.

I also coach in English: please use the English button at the top to see the website in English!