Offer and advice

Are you not satisfied with your weight or would you like to exercise more? If you have had these plans before, but have problems to stick with them permanently, then I might be able to help you. Also if you need to relax more, if you work too hard and you do not know how to get more balance in your life: make an appointment without obligation for a free introductory meeting.

Personal tailor-made program

Particularly for people who want an individual program that focuses on multiple goals and that is tailored to your personal situation, I offer a personal “tailor-made” process. You can indicate which lifestyle goals you want to achieve and together we will estimate the timeframe needed to achieve these goals. In an introductory meeting I will show you how I can help and support you as a lifestyle coach. If we are both positive about the tailor-made program, an intake interview will follow. This will bring further clarity on what exactly the follow-up process will look like.


Depending on your health insurance, this will be fully or partially reimbursed.

There are also employers who reimburse lifestyle coaching in the context of sustainable employability. It is worth discussing this with your employer, especially if your coaching question is work-related or if absenteeism due to work stress, for example, can be prevented.

Changing existing behavior isn’t easy, but it’s worth it. Think of it as an investment in yourself and in your health.

Please contact me for more information or a free introductory meeting

Lifestyle program CooL (Coaching on Lifestyle)

From 1 January 2019, the basic health insurance will reimburse recognized combined lifestyle interventions \[GLI's] that are carried out by a lifestyle coach. The CooL program is such a recognized GLI and is effective over a longer period of time. In short: it really works!

During 24 months you will receive individual and group guidance towards a healthy lifestyle. The program is reimbursed for:

To participate, you need a referral from your doctor (GP)


Lifestyle program “CooL” is included in the basic package of any health insurance in the Netherlands and the total costs are fully reimbursed by your health insurance.

Business programs Lifestyle and Positive health

I offer companies workshops / inspiration sessions in the context of Positive Health, supplemented with individual coaching sessions for employees. For more information and quotations, please contact me.


Sandra van den Berg

My name is Sandra van den Berg and I am an accredited health coach. I have set up Step by Step lifestyle coaching to help people.

I motivate people to adopt a permanently healthier lifestyle, in the field of exercise, smoking, alcohol, nutrition and / or relaxation.

I can help you to change your behavior step by step, in line with your own goal, so that you feel fitter, more energetic and can age healthier.

I coach individual clients, but also in groups, both physically and remotely via Teams or Zoom, depending on your wishes and your way of learning.

The CooLprogramme is kept small in my practice: the group size is about 7 to 8 persons. With this group size I can achieve the maximum of attention to the individual.

I also coach in English: please use the English button at the top to see the website in English!